Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Governance

Advising Corporate Leadership Teams and Boards in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. Helping companies to grow. Coaching on innovation.
Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach created 1AU-Ventures in 2013 after having spent twenty years in top global comapanies such as Qualcomm, Deutsche Telekom, McKinsey, Daimler, and Munich Reinsurance.

“AU” stands for “Astronomical Unit” and “1AU” defines the distance between our planet, the Earth, and the Sun. Anastassia was a hobby astronomer in her childhood. She felt this brand name emphasizes the long distance any seed idea, product or company undergoes before becoming a movement, global brand, a or highly regarded individual influencer.

1AU-Ventures has three distinct missions.

In Corporate Advisory we support the transformation of traditional businesses through digital technologies and we prepare Corporate Boards to ask good questions on cybersecurity, the impact of cognitive and machine learning technologies on competitiveness in connection with traditional governance and audit frameworks. We offer board trainings, source technologies into enterprises, and help to improve performance, when traditional cost cutting and top line initiatives are no longer effective.

In Startup Services we help companies to receive funding and to close partnering agreements with Fortune 2000 players.

In Coaching we take individual assignments for corporate executives and startup founders.



We support seed and serve A companies in A.I. and cybersecurity. We are interested in why these companies believe we can offer value. We partner with two investment funds to enable growth.



We train corporate boards and top leadership teams in cybersecurity, helping top executives to effectively address this risk, develop and implement governance frameworks around it, and providing advice on partnering options with cybersecurity players in North America and Europe.



We offer customized trainings for boards and executive teams on the emerging A.I. technologies, provide diagnostics on their companies’ readiness to embed Machine Learning into business applications and processes, support A.I. roadmap development and implementation in businesses, and connect to influencers and practicioners in AI in North America, Europe and China.



Anastassia personally serves corporate executives, accepting max. three people in a Fortune 2000 company for coaching services. She helps to build and articulate innovation vision, detail implementation roadmap, and connect her clients with top influencers and practicioners in A.I., blockchain infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud, IoT and wireless. She organizes and moderates Innovation Days to support personal brands of her clients.



“The Artificial Intelligence Imperative.  A Roadmap for Business”, Praeger, Publishing Date – April 16th, 2018. Forward by Ian Bremmer, President Eurasia Group.



Anastassia is passionate about connecting great people. She created Startups Meet Arts (all rights reserved) to empower creative collaboration between global companies and individual influencers in Arts, Fortune 2000, and technology.

“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.”